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Antonythasan Jesuthasan

Antonythasan Jesuthasan (Tamil: அந்தோனிதாசன் யேசுதாசன்), also known by the pseudonym Shobasakthi (Tamil: ஷோபா சக்தி), is a Sri Lankan Tamil author and actor. Jesuthasan was born in 1967. He is originally from the village of Allaipiddy on the island of Velanaitivu in northern Sri Lanka. Jesuthasan had various low-paid jobs in Paris including stacking shelves in supermarkets, cooking, dish washing, street sweeping, hefting boxes around, construction work and working as a bellhop at Euro Disney. Jesuthasan's acting career started in 2011 when he wrote and starred in Sengadal (The Dead Sea), a film about Tamil fishermen struggling to make a living in the largely abandoned village of Dhanushkodi in southern India.
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