Nicky Li Chung-Chi

Born on December 23, 1963 in Canton, Nicky Li wanted to become a police officer but eventually turned to the profession of stuntman. In order to refine his abilities he will learn Taekwondo, Wushu and Thai boxing making him a perfect martial artist of cinema. He joined the Sing Ga Ban in 1986 for the second part (post injury) of the filming of Armor Of God. He will never leave the star's team and will even become Jackie's right-hand man, earning him the nickname "2nd boss"! A true man of confidence, he will work, in addition to films made in Jackie, on some of his productions (Purple Storm, Gen X Cops ...) as a choreographer. We obviously find him in the credits of the US films of Sing Lung and he seems determined to follow it to the end! Arnaud Lanuque and Jean Louis Ogé. Was a member of Jackie Chan's Stuntmen Association.
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