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Siti Saleha

Siti Saleha Mohd Baharom (born in Basildon, England, March 14, 1990) or better known as Siti Saleha is a British-born Malaysian actor and model. She debuted in the world of fashion and commercial shows since the age of 12 years. Later, she played Nora Elena in the drama series of the same name that aired on TV3 where he collided with Aaron Aziz. The series won 1.3 million viewers according to Saleha then achieved commercial success in the films Asmara Luna (2013), Ramadan Don't Go (2014), Uda & Dara and 7 Days to Love Me (combined 2016). He also starred in the films Kerat 14 and Balada Pencinta (both 2013), Cupcake Mamak (2014) and Langit Cinta (2016).
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